April 21, 2020

Livingston Leandy Celebrates 130 Years of Legal Excellence

This year, Durban-based law firm Livingston Leandy celebrates generations of expertise through integrity, a wealth of experience and company culture consciousness. As one of the longest standing local law firms with a black female Managing Director at the helm, Livingston Leandy is the epitome of a national success story.

Specialising in litigation, corporate and commercial law, property, town planning, shipping, personal injury and estates, Livingston Leandy services high-profile clientele across South Africa. The firm has been acknowledged by PMR from 2010 to 2019, winning the MR Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze Arrow Awards based on clients’ perception of the firm in areas such as competence, cost effectiveness, commitment to transformation and, in particular, customer service and customer satisfaction. While their solutions-driven approach to the legal landscape is what wins and keeps clients, it is their organisational ethos that sets them apart.

Subashnee Moodley, Managing Director of Livingston Leandy, attributes the firm’s 130 years of excellence to an enduring spirit of transformation. “A legacy of 130 years could not be possible without evolution. The Directors believe that we must consistently adapt to remain relevant, so it became our mandate to invigorate the firm through transformation. Diversity is the cornerstone of our company culture; while promoting and developing women is a key focus, we
are committed to maintaining a representative board that is intergenerational and inclusive.”

Fundamental to Livingston Leandy’s success is keeping its people at the centre of its values. “Our team is committed to working hard, but we encourage a healthy work-life balance. We are a family environment and accommodate our staff when it comes to their responsibilities. I believe our people are committed to the continuity of the business because care and consideration is reciprocal; we have a vested interest in their wellbeing and in so doing, they continue to do their best for the firm,” says Moodley.

This mutual respect is the foundation of Livingston Leandy’s company culture, and collaboration is the driving force behind the firm’s innovative approach to providing clients with tailor made solutions. According to Moodley, “Delegation of work is so important because people take responsibility and develop an intrinsic sense of ownership. Truly excellent work comes from a diversity of perspective, seated around the same table. We pride ourselves on emulating all of
the values of what a true democracy should be.”

Moodley asserts that a leadership style comprised of mentorship, empathy and authenticity will pave the way for Livingston Leandy’s future. “It is essential to be adaptable as a leader. You cannot have just one leadership style, because everybody is different. I have learnt to listen and relate to people first and foremost, as it is their sense of satisfaction that spurs us forward. My leadership style may be different to my predecessors, but they have taught me the fundamentals of maintaining a successful firm. When I was appointed MD in 2017, I knew that I had very big shoes to fill. I quickly learnt that leadership is not a “one size fits all” position and with a supportive team of partners walking this road with me, the future certainly looks exciting!”