Shipping and Maritime Law

This division deals with all aspects of shipping and maritime law including:

  • arrests, drafting of papers for security arrests (both associated and direct), in rem and in personam;
  • advising clients of all arrest requirements;
  • advising clients on setting aside of arrests, opposing applications for same;
  • advising clients on applications for counter – security and security for costs;
  • advising clients on Port Regulations and related legislation;
  • judicial ship sales, drafting of application papers and arranging for ship sale auctions and drafting and filing of claims against ship funds with the appointed Referee, objections and replies to claims;
  • drafting of letters of undertaking and settlement agreements;
  • attending on board vessels following casualties, interviewing crew and taking statements and collating relevant ships' documents and records for preservation;  
  • advising clients on access to vessel in terms of the Admiralty Act;
  • attending on board of inquiry investigations into fatalities and /or injuries including interviewing of witnesses, perusing and analysing accident reports, drafting a report on the outcome of the board of inquiry investigations and associated recommendations; 
  • advising and litigating in respect of cargo and container damage claims;
  • advising and litigating in respect of contractual disputes;
  • interviewing witnesses, drafting opinions, pleadings, notices and applications and attending to all high court procedures in regard to attorneys’ professional indemnity matters for the Attorneys Professional Indemnity Association;


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